Wednesday, August 5, 2009

MYO dishwasher dishwashing detergent

Ever since we moved here to Minden, NV, from Southern California, the detergent that I used to buy for the dishwasher "explodes" or bursts causing a huge mess in the container. Its probably due to the altitude here. Anyway, I got tired of having to constantly pull the tablets apart, so I went looking for a make your own / MYO dishwashing detergent recipe. I don't remember where I found it, but here is the recipe below. It works great! I put about 1 tablespoon in my dishwasher per load.

Homemade make your own dishwasher detergent

Equal parts of the following:

generic dishwashing detergent powder
baking soda

So, if you wanted to make this you could make it using 1 cup each of the above ingredients or whatever quantities that you wanted to use. I used 3 cups of each so that I wouldn't have to make it for awhile.

If anyone tries it, let me know if its working good for you.


Alea said...

I was using equal parts of borax and washing soda, but then I had to add vinegar because of the mineral deposits. I am going to give your recipe at try.

Lisa said...

I tried that a few years ago, too, and it made pits in some of my dishes so I stopped using it. Then I read somewhere to use baking soda, borax and dishwashing powder. No pits so far and no film either. And, much better then the burst electrasol tablets, too!

Cloud 9 said...

Thanks Lisa. I can't wait to try this.
I love your homemade detergent for clothes. It works great and is very economical!