Saturday, March 24, 2012

Leftovers and potatoes

Tonight's dinner is leftover spaghetti (not much either) with a green salad and homemade bread.  The bread smells so yummy (it just came out of the oven).

My goal this weekend is to cook up a bunch of potatoes.  I bought a big bag of potatoes from Costco, so I want to bake up a bunch and dice / chunk some up for home style potatoes (and freeze them).  I'm thinking that I might do most of them that way, because that would be a big time saver for mashed potatoes, too.  Just pull out a bag of potatoes and  heat, add milk and butter and mash them up.  Others, I will bake and cool in the fridge and then shred for hash browns (and freeze these, too).

I really want to make things easier on myself by having these ready in the freezer and saving us money at the same time (by not going out, not wasting food, etc).

Do you have any time saver things that you do to?  Please share:D

Friday, March 16, 2012

Easy patty-melt type sandwich recipe

2 posts in one week????   Pinch me....  no, you don't really need to pinch me.

I did a twist on a recipe  ( ) .  I didn't have leftover taco meat, but I did have a pound of ground beef that I needed to use (and the kids were on my last nerve), so instead of making baked ziti casserole like I wanted to make....I made a version of that recipe.

Instead of the taco meat, I seasoned my hamburger with granulated garlic and black pepper (a lot of both because I'm a garlic and pepper freak).  And, of course, crumbled the ground beef up.  4 out of 5 people ate every single bite.  That is saying a lot since our kids are 8, 6 and 3.  It does make a mess while you are assembling it, but oh does it taste good.  I'll be making it again, but I just might cheat and not crumble the meat up as much.  And, maybe I'll add in some onions to mine since I love onions, too.

There was something else that I was going to post about....but, my old age (41) must be kicking in now. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Make your own convenience foods

I forgot about my blog:(  Life and it's responsibilities had me in its grip. 

But, I'm going to try and be a good blogger and post.

The past 3 weeks, I've been sick with a cold.  Yuck:(  That caused me to be a little lazy and I went to the grocery store and bought cookie mixes instead of making cookies from scratch.  Bad meVery bad me.

So, I've started making up mixes of things that I use a lot of.  I used my quart size canning jars to hold the ingredients in and made up 7 batches of pizza dough mix, 6 batches of oatmeal chocolate chip cookie mix and 2 batches of applesauce cookie mix.  It took 15 minutes to do this and has saved me lots of future time and money.

What kinds of things do you make up ahead of time?