Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I started composting this past spring to add to my garden soil. This is what I have been adding to my compost container:

coffee grounds
vegetable peelings
shredded paper
mowed grass
tea bags
crusts from bread (children won't eat them)

What does everyone else add to their compost piles?


wintergirl said...

Hello Lisa, If your egg cartons are cardboard you can tear them into small pieces and put them in too. We used to put torn up newspaper in to. We found the most important thing was to keep it damp/not wet and turn it everyday.

Newspapers make a great weed blocker !

Lisa said...

I didn't know about the egg cartons. I will have to try that.

I have been putting shredded newspaper in but I probably forgot to type that.

Today, we got to eat some corn from the garden and add the husks, etc, to the compost. Talk about what goes around comes around! LOL I love it:D