Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday, August 29th, 2014

I didn't get much done today at all.  I worked and on my breaks, I was a nervous wreck.  Keith had his surgery and got 4 crowns for a total of 6 now in his mouth.  He did pretty good and obviously was starving when he got home.  He's decided that he likes jello and I knew he liked pudding.  He even ate Costco pizza for dinner!

I did get to Costco tonight and got some needed things.  Costco had a buy one get one free on the Finish dishwasher tabs.  So, I now have 4 boxes of those.

We were going to go up to Lance's family's land and pick grapes tomorrow, but Lance decided that he has too much stuff to do.  He's re-doing some shelves in the garage and he also has to make crates for work (he gets paid to make the crates).

I didn't get out to the garden at all.  So, I need to do that tomorrow.  I also need to go out and buy more canning jars.  I have 6 jars left.

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