Saturday, March 24, 2012

Leftovers and potatoes

Tonight's dinner is leftover spaghetti (not much either) with a green salad and homemade bread.  The bread smells so yummy (it just came out of the oven).

My goal this weekend is to cook up a bunch of potatoes.  I bought a big bag of potatoes from Costco, so I want to bake up a bunch and dice / chunk some up for home style potatoes (and freeze them).  I'm thinking that I might do most of them that way, because that would be a big time saver for mashed potatoes, too.  Just pull out a bag of potatoes and  heat, add milk and butter and mash them up.  Others, I will bake and cool in the fridge and then shred for hash browns (and freeze these, too).

I really want to make things easier on myself by having these ready in the freezer and saving us money at the same time (by not going out, not wasting food, etc).

Do you have any time saver things that you do to?  Please share:D

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Deni J. said...

Good idea to make your potatoes ahead of time! I'm not disciplined enough to do that often enough. I do try to make lunches for my daughter ahead of time, so that mornings are not so rushed, but I'm not so good at getting the dinners prepped ahead of time.